LibrePCB Developers Documentation
Repository Specification

This is the documentation of a LibrePCB repository. Such a repository is represented by an instance of the class librepcb::Repository.


A repository is a server which holds a list of available libraries. The libraries must be hosted somewhere as Zip files, for example on the Releases page of a GitHub repository. The library manager retrieves the library list from the repositories to display the available libraries. If the user wants to install such a library, the library manager just downloads these Zip files and extracts them into the remote libraries directory in the Workspace Specification. After an automatically triggered rescan of the Library Index (SQLite Database), the library is ready to use.

Repository API

Every server which implements a specific API can be used as a LibrePCB repsository. See Server API Specification for details.

Workspace Settings

In the workspace settings, the user can specify a list of URLs which are then used as repositories. The default value is one single URL, namely LibrePCB's official repository

Library Deployment in Companies

This system allows companies to manage and maintain their own libraries in one central repository, from where each client fetches new libraries and updates. There is no need to manually deploy libraries or to host them on slow and unreliable network shares.