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CmdAddSymbolToSchematic Class Referencefinal

The CmdAddSymbolToSchematic class. More...

#include <cmdaddsymboltoschematic.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CmdAddSymbolToSchematic (workspace::Workspace &workspace, Schematic &schematic, ComponentInstance &cmpInstance, const Uuid &symbolItem, const Point &position=Point(), const Angle &angle=Angle()) noexcept
 ~CmdAddSymbolToSchematic () noexcept
SI_SymbolgetSymbolInstance () const noexcept
- Public Member Functions inherited from UndoCommandGroup
 UndoCommandGroup ()=delete
 UndoCommandGroup (const UndoCommandGroup &other)=delete
 UndoCommandGroup (const QString &text) noexcept
virtual ~UndoCommandGroup () noexcept
int getChildCount () const noexcept
bool appendChild (UndoCommand *cmd)
 Append a new command to the list of child commands. More...
UndoCommandGroupoperator= (const UndoCommandGroup &rhs)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from UndoCommand
 UndoCommand ()=delete
 UndoCommand (const UndoCommand &other)=delete
 UndoCommand (const QString &text) noexcept
virtual ~UndoCommand () noexcept
const QString & getText () const noexcept
bool wasEverExecuted () const noexcept
 This method shows whether that command was ever executed (execute() called successfully) More...
bool wasEverReverted () const noexcept
 This method shows whether that command was ever reverted (undo() called at least one time) More...
bool isCurrentlyExecuted () const noexcept
 This method shows whether that command is currently executed (redo() called one time more than undo()) More...
virtual bool execute () final
 Execute the command (must only be called once) More...
virtual void undo () final
 Undo the command. More...
virtual void redo () final
 Redo the command. More...
UndoCommandoperator= (const UndoCommand &rhs)=delete

Private Member Functions

bool performExecute () override
 Execute the command the first time. More...

Private Attributes

Uuid mSymbolItemUuid
Point mPosition
Angle mAngle

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from UndoCommandGroup
virtual void performUndo () override
 Undo the command. More...
virtual void performRedo () override
 Redo the command. More...
void execNewChildCmd (UndoCommand *cmd)
 Helper method for derived classes to execute and add new child commands. More...

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CmdAddSymbolToSchematic()

CmdAddSymbolToSchematic ( workspace::Workspace workspace,
Schematic schematic,
ComponentInstance cmpInstance,
const Uuid symbolItem,
const Point position = Point(),
const Angle angle = Angle() 

◆ ~CmdAddSymbolToSchematic()

~CmdAddSymbolToSchematic ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getSymbolInstance()

SI_Symbol* getSymbolInstance ( ) const
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◆ performExecute()

bool performExecute ( )

Execute the command the first time.

This method must be implemented in all derived classes. If the first time execution is exactly identical to an "redo" action, you can simple call performRedo() in the implementation of this method.
Return values
trueIf the command has done some changes
falseIf the command has done nothing (the command can be deleted)

Reimplemented from UndoCommandGroup.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ mWorkspace

workspace::Workspace& mWorkspace

◆ mSchematic

Schematic& mSchematic

◆ mComponentInstance

ComponentInstance& mComponentInstance

◆ mSymbolItemUuid

Uuid mSymbolItemUuid

◆ mPosition

Point mPosition

◆ mAngle

Angle mAngle

◆ mSymbolInstance

SI_Symbol* mSymbolInstance

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