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BoardPainter::ColorContent Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

QList< QPainterPath > areas
QList< QPainterPath > thtPadAreas
 Drawn on Theme::Color::sBoardPads. More...
QList< QPainterPath > viaAreas
 Drawn on Theme::Color::sBoardVias. More...
QList< Tracetraces
QList< PolygonDatapolygons
QList< Circlecircles
QList< HoleDataholes
QList< HoleDatapadHoles
QList< TextDatatexts

Member Data Documentation

◆ areas

QList<QPainterPath> areas

◆ thtPadAreas

QList<QPainterPath> thtPadAreas

◆ viaAreas

QList<QPainterPath> viaAreas

◆ traces

QList<Trace> traces

◆ polygons

QList<PolygonData> polygons

◆ circles

QList<Circle> circles

◆ holes

QList<HoleData> holes

◆ padHoles

QList<HoleData> padHoles

◆ texts

QList<TextData> texts

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