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Path Member List

This is the complete list of members for Path, including all inherited members.

addVertex(const Vertex &vertex) noexceptPath
addVertex(const Point &pos, const Angle &angle=Angle::deg0()) noexceptPath
arcObround(const Point &p1, const Point &p2, const Angle &angle, const PositiveLength &width) noexceptPathstatic
calcNearestPointBetweenVertices(const Point &p) const noexceptPath
centeredRect(const PositiveLength &width, const PositiveLength &height, const UnsignedLength &cornerRadius=UnsignedLength(0)) noexceptPathstatic
circle(const PositiveLength &diameter) noexceptPathstatic
clean() noexceptPath
cleaned() const noexceptPath
close() noexceptPath
flatArc(const Point &p1, const Point &p2, const Angle &angle, const PositiveLength &maxTolerance) noexceptPathstatic
flattenArcs(const PositiveLength &maxTolerance) noexceptPath
flattenedArcs(const PositiveLength &maxTolerance) const noexceptPath
getTotalStraightLength() const noexceptPath
getVertices() noexceptPathinline
getVertices() const noexceptPathinline
insertVertex(int index, const Vertex &vertex) noexceptPath
insertVertex(int index, const Point &pos, const Angle &angle=Angle::deg0()) noexceptPath
invalidatePainterPath() const noexceptPathinlineprivate
isClosed() const noexceptPath
isCurved() const noexceptPath
line(const Point &p1, const Point &p2, const Angle &angle=Angle::deg0()) noexceptPathstatic
mappedToGrid(const PositiveLength &gridInterval) const noexceptPath
mapToGrid(const PositiveLength &gridInterval) noexceptPath
mirror(Qt::Orientation orientation, const Point &center=Point(0, 0)) noexceptPath
mirrored(Qt::Orientation orientation, const Point &center=Point(0, 0)) const noexceptPath
obround(const PositiveLength &width, const PositiveLength &height) noexceptPathstatic
obround(const Point &p1, const Point &p2, const PositiveLength &width) noexceptPathstatic
octagon(const PositiveLength &width, const PositiveLength &height, const UnsignedLength &cornerRadius=UnsignedLength(0)) noexceptPathstatic
open() noexceptPath
operator!=(const Path &rhs) const noexceptPathinline
operator<(const Path &rhs) const noexceptPath
operator=(const Path &rhs) noexceptPath
operator==(const Path &rhs) const noexceptPathinline
Path() noexceptPathinline
Path(const Path &other) noexceptPath
Path(const QVector< Vertex > &vertices) noexceptPathinlineexplicit
Path(const SExpression &node)Pathexplicit
rect(const Point &p1, const Point &p2) noexceptPathstatic
reverse() noexceptPath
reversed() const noexceptPath
rotate(const Angle &angle, const Point &center=Point(0, 0)) noexceptPath
rotated(const Angle &angle, const Point &center=Point(0, 0)) const noexceptPath
serialize(SExpression &root) constPath
toClosedPath() const noexceptPath
toOpenPath() const noexceptPath
toOutlineStrokes(const PositiveLength &width) const noexceptPath
toQPainterPathPx() const noexceptPath
toQPainterPathPx(const QVector< Path > &paths, bool area) noexceptPathstatic
translate(const Point &offset) noexceptPath
translated(const Point &offset) const noexceptPath
~Path() noexceptPathinline