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BoardPlaneFragmentsBuilder::JobData Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

QPointer< Boardboard
QSet< const Layer * > layers
QList< PlaneDataplanes
QList< KeepoutZoneDatakeepoutZones
QList< PolygonDatapolygons
QList< ViaDatavias
QList< PadDatapads
QList< std::tuple< Transform, PositiveLength, NonEmptyPath > > holes
QList< TraceDatatraces
QHash< Uuid, QVector< Path > > result
bool finished = false

Member Data Documentation

◆ board

QPointer<Board> board

◆ layers

QSet<const Layer*> layers

◆ planes

QList<PlaneData> planes

◆ keepoutZones

QList<KeepoutZoneData> keepoutZones

◆ polygons

QList<PolygonData> polygons

◆ vias

QList<ViaData> vias

◆ pads

QList<PadData> pads

◆ holes

QList<std::tuple<Transform, PositiveLength, NonEmptyPath> > holes

◆ traces

QList<TraceData> traces

◆ result

QHash<Uuid, QVector<Path> > result

◆ finished

bool finished = false

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