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SymbolEditorState_AddValues Class Referencefinal

The SymbolEditorState_AddValues class. More...

#include <symboleditorstate_addvalues.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SymbolEditorState_AddValues ()=delete
 SymbolEditorState_AddValues (const SymbolEditorState_AddValues &other)=delete
 SymbolEditorState_AddValues (const Context &context) noexcept
 ~SymbolEditorState_AddValues () noexcept
SymbolEditorState_AddValuesoperator= (const SymbolEditorState_AddValues &rhs)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from SymbolEditorState_DrawTextBase
 SymbolEditorState_DrawTextBase ()=delete
 SymbolEditorState_DrawTextBase (const SymbolEditorState_DrawTextBase &other)=delete
 SymbolEditorState_DrawTextBase (const Context &context, Mode mode) noexcept
virtual ~SymbolEditorState_DrawTextBase () noexcept
bool entry () noexcept override
bool exit () noexcept override
QSet< EditorWidgetBase::FeaturegetAvailableFeatures () const noexcept override
bool processGraphicsSceneMouseMoved (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent &e) noexcept override
bool processGraphicsSceneLeftMouseButtonPressed (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent &e) noexcept override
bool processGraphicsSceneRightMouseButtonReleased (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent &e) noexcept override
bool processRotate (const Angle &rotation) noexcept override
bool processMirror (Qt::Orientation orientation) noexcept override
SymbolEditorState_DrawTextBaseoperator= (const SymbolEditorState_DrawTextBase &rhs)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from SymbolEditorState
 SymbolEditorState ()=delete
 SymbolEditorState (const SymbolEditorState &other)=delete
 SymbolEditorState (const Context &context) noexcept
virtual ~SymbolEditorState () noexcept
virtual bool entry () noexcept
virtual bool exit () noexcept
virtual QSet< EditorWidgetBase::FeaturegetAvailableFeatures () const noexcept=0
virtual bool processKeyPressed (const QKeyEvent &e) noexcept
virtual bool processKeyReleased (const QKeyEvent &e) noexcept
virtual bool processGraphicsSceneMouseMoved (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent &e) noexcept
virtual bool processGraphicsSceneLeftMouseButtonPressed (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent &e) noexcept
virtual bool processGraphicsSceneLeftMouseButtonReleased (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent &e) noexcept
virtual bool processGraphicsSceneLeftMouseButtonDoubleClicked (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent &e) noexcept
virtual bool processGraphicsSceneRightMouseButtonReleased (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent &e) noexcept
virtual bool processSelectAll () noexcept
virtual bool processCut () noexcept
virtual bool processCopy () noexcept
virtual bool processPaste () noexcept
virtual bool processMove (Qt::ArrowType direction)
virtual bool processRotate (const Angle &rotation) noexcept
virtual bool processMirror (Qt::Orientation orientation) noexcept
virtual bool processSnapToGrid () noexcept
virtual bool processRemove () noexcept
virtual bool processEditProperties () noexcept
virtual bool processImportDxf () noexcept
virtual bool processAbortCommand () noexcept
SymbolEditorStateoperator= (const SymbolEditorState &rhs)=delete

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SymbolEditorState_DrawTextBase
enum class  Mode
- Public Types inherited from SymbolEditorState
using Context = SymbolEditorFsm::Context
- Signals inherited from SymbolEditorState
void availableFeaturesChanged ()
void statusBarMessageChanged (const QString &message, int timeoutMs=-1)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SymbolEditorState
const PositiveLengthgetGridInterval () const noexcept
const LengthUnitgetLengthUnit () const noexcept
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SymbolEditorState
static const QSet< const Layer * > & getAllowedTextLayers () noexcept
static const QSet< const Layer * > & getAllowedCircleAndPolygonLayers () noexcept
- Protected Attributes inherited from SymbolEditorState
Context mContext

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SymbolEditorState_AddValues() [1/3]

◆ SymbolEditorState_AddValues() [2/3]

◆ SymbolEditorState_AddValues() [3/3]

SymbolEditorState_AddValues ( const Context context)

◆ ~SymbolEditorState_AddValues()

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

SymbolEditorState_AddValues & operator= ( const SymbolEditorState_AddValues rhs)

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