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PositiveLengthEdit Class Referencefinal

The PositiveLengthEdit class is a widget to view/edit librepcb::PositiveLength values. More...

#include <positivelengthedit.h>

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void valueChanged (const librepcb::PositiveLength &value, const librepcb::Length &diff)
- Signals inherited from LengthEditBase
void displayedUnitChanged (const LengthUnit &unit)

Public Member Functions

 PositiveLengthEdit (QWidget *parent=nullptr) noexcept
 PositiveLengthEdit (const PositiveLengthEdit &other)=delete
virtual ~PositiveLengthEdit () noexcept
PositiveLength getValue () const noexcept
void setValue (const PositiveLength &value) noexcept
void clipToMinimum (const PositiveLength &value) noexcept
void clipToMaximum (const PositiveLength &value) noexcept
PositiveLengthEditoperator= (const PositiveLengthEdit &rhs)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from LengthEditBase
 LengthEditBase ()=delete
 LengthEditBase (const Length &min, const Length &max, const Length &value, QWidget *parent=nullptr) noexcept
 LengthEditBase (const LengthEditBase &other)=delete
virtual ~LengthEditBase () noexcept
const LengthUnitgetDisplayedUnit () const noexcept
void setDefaultValueToolTip (const Length &value) noexcept
void setDefaultUnit (const LengthUnit &unit) noexcept
void setChangeUnitActionVisible (bool visible) noexcept
void setStepBehavior (StepBehavior behavior) noexcept
void setSteps (const QVector< PositiveLength > &steps) noexcept
 Set the supported up/down step values. More...
void resetUnit () noexcept
void configureClientSettings (const QString &uniqueIdentifier) noexcept
void configure (const LengthUnit &defaultUnit, const QVector< PositiveLength > &steps, const QString &uniqueIdentifier) noexcept
virtual void stepBy (int steps) override
QSize minimumSizeHint () const override
QSize sizeHint () const override
LengthEditBaseoperator= (const LengthEditBase &rhs)=delete

Private Member Functions

virtual void valueChangedImpl (const Length &diff) noexcept override

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from LengthEditBase
enum class  StepBehavior
- Protected Member Functions inherited from LengthEditBase
virtual QAbstractSpinBox::StepEnabled stepEnabled () const override
void setValueImpl (Length value) noexcept
void updateValueFromText (QString text) noexcept
void updateSingleStep () noexcept
void updateSingleStepPredefined () noexcept
void updateSingleStepHalfDouble () noexcept
void updateText () noexcept
LengthUnit extractUnitFromExpression (QString &expression) const noexcept
void changeUnitActionTriggered () noexcept
void setSelectedUnit (const LengthUnit &unit) noexcept
void saveSelectedUnit () noexcept
QString getValueStr (const LengthUnit &unit) const noexcept
virtual void valueChangedImpl (const Length &diff) noexcept=0
- Protected Attributes inherited from LengthEditBase
QPointer< QAction > mChangeUnitAction
LengthUnit mDefaultUnit
tl::optional< LengthUnitmSelectedUnit
Length mMinimum
Length mMaximum
Length mValue
StepBehavior mStepBehavior
QVector< PositiveLengthmSteps
Length mSingleStepUp
 Zero means "no step available". More...
Length mSingleStepDown
 Zero means "no step available". More...
QSize mAdditionalSize
QString mSettingsKey
 Empty means "do not save". More...

Detailed Description

The PositiveLengthEdit class is a widget to view/edit librepcb::PositiveLength values.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PositiveLengthEdit() [1/2]

PositiveLengthEdit ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)

◆ PositiveLengthEdit() [2/2]

PositiveLengthEdit ( const PositiveLengthEdit other)

◆ ~PositiveLengthEdit()

~PositiveLengthEdit ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getValue()

PositiveLength getValue ( ) const
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◆ setValue()

void setValue ( const PositiveLength value)
+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ clipToMinimum()

void clipToMinimum ( const PositiveLength value)

◆ clipToMaximum()

void clipToMaximum ( const PositiveLength value)

◆ operator=()

PositiveLengthEdit & operator= ( const PositiveLengthEdit rhs)

◆ valueChanged

void valueChanged ( const librepcb::PositiveLength value,
const librepcb::Length diff 
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◆ valueChangedImpl()

void valueChangedImpl ( const Length diff)

Implements LengthEditBase.

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