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CategoryTreeBuilder< ElementType > Class Template Referencefinal

Helper class to extract a category tree from librepcb::WorkspaceLibraryDb. More...

#include <categorytreebuilder.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CategoryTreeBuilder ()=delete
 CategoryTreeBuilder (const CategoryTreeBuilder &other)=delete
 CategoryTreeBuilder (const WorkspaceLibraryDb &db, const QStringList &localeOrder, bool nulloptIsRootCategory) noexcept
 ~CategoryTreeBuilder () noexcept
QStringList buildTree (const tl::optional< Uuid > &category, bool *success=nullptr) const
 Build the parents tree for a specific category. More...
CategoryTreeBuilderoperator= (const CategoryTreeBuilder &rhs)=delete

Private Member Functions

bool getParentNames (const tl::optional< Uuid > &category, QStringList &names, QSet< FilePath > &filePaths) const

Private Attributes

const WorkspaceLibraryDbmDb
const QStringList & mLocaleOrder
const bool mNulloptIsRootCategory

Detailed Description

template<typename ElementType>
class librepcb::editor::CategoryTreeBuilder< ElementType >

Helper class to extract a category tree from librepcb::WorkspaceLibraryDb.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CategoryTreeBuilder() [1/3]

CategoryTreeBuilder ( )

◆ CategoryTreeBuilder() [2/3]

CategoryTreeBuilder ( const CategoryTreeBuilder< ElementType > &  other)

◆ CategoryTreeBuilder() [3/3]

CategoryTreeBuilder ( const WorkspaceLibraryDb db,
const QStringList &  localeOrder,
bool  nulloptIsRootCategory 

◆ ~CategoryTreeBuilder()

~CategoryTreeBuilder ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ buildTree()

QStringList buildTree ( const tl::optional< Uuid > &  category,
bool *  success = nullptr 
) const

Build the parents tree for a specific category.

categoryThe category to get the tree from. If tl::nullopt, it is assumed to represent the root category.
successIf not sullptr, this is set to whether the tree was successfully built or not.
All category names. The top level category comes first (root category if nulloptIsRootCategory=true passed to the constructor), then down the tree, with the passed category as the last element. In case of invalid categories, the returned list is either empty or contains error messages.
Incase of database errors.
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◆ operator=()

CategoryTreeBuilder& operator= ( const CategoryTreeBuilder< ElementType > &  rhs)

◆ getParentNames()

bool getParentNames ( const tl::optional< Uuid > &  category,
QStringList &  names,
QSet< FilePath > &  filePaths 
) const
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Member Data Documentation

◆ mDb

const WorkspaceLibraryDb& mDb

◆ mLocaleOrder

const QStringList& mLocaleOrder

◆ mNulloptIsRootCategory

const bool mNulloptIsRootCategory

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