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DefaultGraphicsLayerProvider Class Referencefinal

The DefaultGraphicsLayerProvider class. More...

#include <defaultgraphicslayerprovider.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DefaultGraphicsLayerProvider ()=delete
 DefaultGraphicsLayerProvider (const Theme &theme) noexcept
 ~DefaultGraphicsLayerProvider () noexcept
std::shared_ptr< GraphicsLayergetLayer (const QString &name) const noexcept override
QList< std::shared_ptr< GraphicsLayer > > getAllLayers () const noexcept override
- Public Member Functions inherited from IF_GraphicsLayerProvider
virtual ~IF_GraphicsLayerProvider () noexcept
virtual QList< std::shared_ptr< GraphicsLayer > > getAllLayers () const noexcept=0
virtual std::shared_ptr< GraphicsLayergetLayer (const QString &name) const noexcept=0
std::shared_ptr< GraphicsLayergetLayer (const Layer &layer) const noexcept
std::shared_ptr< GraphicsLayergetGrabAreaLayer (const Layer &outlineLayer) const noexcept

Private Member Functions

void addLayer (const Theme &theme, const QString &name) noexcept

Private Attributes

QList< std::shared_ptr< GraphicsLayer > > mLayers

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DefaultGraphicsLayerProvider() [1/2]

◆ DefaultGraphicsLayerProvider() [2/2]

DefaultGraphicsLayerProvider ( const Theme theme)
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◆ ~DefaultGraphicsLayerProvider()

Member Function Documentation

◆ getLayer()

std::shared_ptr< GraphicsLayer > getLayer ( const QString &  name) const

◆ getAllLayers()

QList< std::shared_ptr< GraphicsLayer > > getAllLayers ( ) const

◆ addLayer()

void addLayer ( const Theme theme,
const QString &  name 
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Member Data Documentation

◆ mLayers

QList<std::shared_ptr<GraphicsLayer> > mLayers

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